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About Us

We are determined to producing goal designs, executed with a dedicated heart and a creative mind. We offer a wide range of design-related services ranging from architectural and interior design, interior concept design, custom interior design, E-designs, as well as architectural and creative visual designs including 2D layouts and 3D visualizations. We are proud that our services extend to include professional photography, product 3D modelling, art and fashion, branding and publication designs, home & event decor, and more initiatives to shine. We are intimately familiar with the industry and always willing to help you achieve your goals, let them be personal or professional spaces or products.

Our company's creative design work is categorised into three main and integrated themes: AM Interiors, AM Photography, and AM Lifestyle & Art. A side work of AM for humanity and the community is our initiative that we are proud of, named بِر "Virtue". Feel free to read more about and join us to volunteer for any future activities/ events.

Stylish Interior Design Services for Every Budget

Capturing Memories: Photography Services for Your Special Event

Afkari Aziz - Pensari Galleria - AM Designs GalleriaAfkari Aziz - Pensari Galleria - AM Designs Galleria

Artistic services and captivating lifestyle visions

Predict the future by creating it

You didn’t come this far to stop.

Hi-Tea Party lifestyle and decoration

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Design is a timeless craft.

We like to make our work speak for itself

AM Designs incorporates our clients’ visions, requirements and objectives into proposals for the solutions to best identify their personalities, style, theme and favourites.. Our services are offered to a wide range of people and industries, covering residential, offices, retail and restaurants. We care to provide what makes our clients happy, satisfied and comfortable at their own space. Our SME introduces a creative service-providing platform of a wide range and categories of designs and art, as well as photography and consultation.

Why choose us?

Get best professional designs at affordable cheapest prices in the whole market in Malaysia.

What are our services?

We offer a range of services including:

1) AM Interiors: architectural & interior design (E-design also provided), concept designs, custom and creative designs of 2D layouts and 3D rendering and visualisations, and home & event decor.

2) AM Photography: personal, professional, event, and product photography and videography.

3) AM Lifestyle & Art: Hi-Tea parties, digital art, painting, product 2D and 3D modelling, and creative communication E-designs.

Allow us to build your own designs

If we want to change the world, we have to work together. We believe that there are better solutions for your home, work and special events. Our mission is to ensure that all people are satisfied and comfortable with our solutions.

We are strong together

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